Supported Services

List of cloud storages supported by FTPie


These are protocols for transferring files between a client and a server over a network. FTP is the standard for basic file transfers, FTPS adds encryption for security, and SFTP provides secure, encrypted file transfers over SSH. These protocols are widely used for uploading and downloading files, making them crucial for data exchange and remote file management.


WebDAV extends HTTP to enable collaborative file editing and management on remote web servers. It facilitates direct access, modification, and organization of web content from compatible applications and devices, making it valuable for collaborative web authoring, content management, and version control on the web.

Local PC

Your local PC acts as a data hub, connecting to remote network drives, USB flash drives, and local disks. Network drives facilitate collaboration, USB drives offer portability, and local disks provide quick access for efficient data management. Together, they form a versatile storage ecosystem.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. It allows users to store and share files, collaborate in real-time with Google Workspace apps, and offers seamless integration with other Google services.


Dropbox is a popular cloud storage and file-sharing service known for its user-friendly interface. It allows users to store files in the cloud and share them with others. Dropbox offers features like file syncing, collaboration, and the ability to access files from various devices.


OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage and file synchronization service. It is tightly integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem, including Windows, Office 365, and Outlook. OneDrive offers file storage, collaboration, and automatic syncing of files across devices, making it a seamless solution for Microsoft users.